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Reviews from Adopters!

To summarize the next 20 sentences in one sentence…

You haven’t experienced the joy of life with a dog until you’ve adopted a Diamond.

Adopting a dog from Diamonds in the Ruff Dog Rescue has absolutely changed my life for the better. I am a college student and was looking for an active dog that can pick me up when I’m feeling down. I began fostering for them (which was also an amazing experience) and I received my 2nd foster dog from them- Tyler. Tyler is a 3 year old pit bull terrier who has tons of energy and tons of love to give. Long story short, I foster failed him which was the best decision of my life. Tyler and I now life happily at Widener University and he has tons of fun around campus with all my friends and their dogs. When I go home to my family, my mother has 2 bull breeds and a pug and Tyler is fantastic with all of them and listens very well to the alpha female- the pug. The adoption process was very smooth, and they made sure the foster dogs I received were well balanced and provided me with a plethora of information about the dogs. Diamonds in the Ruff has been phenomenal with being there for support, advice, and really anything you need. The private Facebook page is a great place to share pics and questions with fellow families who have adopted dogs from Diamonds in the Ruff.

Sincerely, Hunter McGowan

Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue has the most loving, affectionate and caring individuals I know. They love each and every dog they rescue. After having a dog for 15 years, we said we would never get another, until my daughter insisted on us going to see Sage at the Edison pet expo. "Mom, she needs you". That's all it took. That day changed our lives. We fell in love with Sage immediately and my husband who said, "Donna, we don't need a dog" has a best friend. They are inseparable. Where Steve goes, Cinder goes. Sage (now Cinder) is one of the family. She is the most loving, affectionate and well behaved dog you could ask for. It takes about 1 day to train her to do anything. I think until you have a rescue, you truly do not realize how much they want to please you. All they want is love. Cinder had a really rough puppy life and we are making up for that now. Diamonds actually drove to Virginia to save Cinder and her 9 puppies. She had such a sad face, and was so malnourished when they rescued her, but now she has more love than she knows what to do with and until God takes her away from us, she will be the happiest dog on earth. I look at her every day and can't possibly imagine why anyone could treat her badly. I have to thank Diamonds for saving these dogs and making them feel loved before they get that forever home. It's true what they say, rescues make the best pets. Thanks again Diamonds in the Ruff and all the fosters (especially Steph and Erica) who cared for my Cinder and her puppies. We are soooooo happy you let us adopt her. We love you all!!! Sorry this is so long and now I'm sitting at work all teary eyed.

Donna R.

In the winter of 2014, our family fell in love with a photo of a puppy we saw on a website featuring adoptable dogs. We reached out and were contacted by Diamonds in the Ruff. The puppy we were interested in already had a pending adoption but a sibling named Joy was available. She was perfect!

Diamonds led us through an easy application process. We had been looking at the city "pound" for dogs before that, so were a bit surprised at the higher adoption fee. When they explained that we would be getting a dog that was fully vetted, fixed, micro-chipped, healthy, came with 30 days pet insurance and was cared for by a loving foster family until she was old enough to come home, the adoption fee made perfect sense.

Joy came home with us at 12 weeks. We renamed her Maggie Mae and was a great fit for our kids and dogs. It was clear that she has been very well taken care of by Diamonds in the Ruff.

They have a private Facebook page for adopters and I was able to connect with the families that adopted Maggie Mae’s siblings. They even facilitated a picnic with the adopted families and Maggie Mae got to spend time with her sisters and brothers.

Diamonds has always been there for advice, support, encouragement and education. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to add a furry family member to their home.

Lisa Rogers

We are in love with our Diamond dog, Maude! She's a huge part of our family and we can't remember what life was like without her. She has a puppy brother, 3 cat brothers and the newest addition to the family, a kitten named Archer, who Maude is convinced is her baby. Erica went above and beyond to match us with the perfect dog for our family and we are forever grateful. She's a perfect fit :) thank you all for continuing to save these beautiful animals, you aren't just giving them a second chance, you are making families complete.

Nicole Long

When my First rescued pit/mix Lucky passed away from cancer, I thought I would never be able to have another dog again. I started following the "Diamond girls" in December 2015 and fell in love with Onyx (now known as Lucy). I am truly thankful for these girls for teaching me to love again.

Amanda Videtto

I was referred to Diamonds in the Ruff in May of 2014 by one of their foster moms. In June 2014, we saw a corgi/Jack/chi/pit mix on their website and we just knew that we had to have her. We brought Jill home less than a week later. We loved Jilly SO much that 6 months later, we adopted another dog from Diamonds. This time it was Hunter (now George), a 3-4 month old hound mix. Erica and Meredyth and the rest of the girls with Diamonds are amazing. They make everyone feel like family and are there to help throughout the entire time that your dog is with you. No question is ever too much. I even referred a friend of mine to them and she adopted a pittie mix named Emma from them. In fact, I loved the girls from the rescue so much that I became a Diamonds in the Ruff volunteer myself. I see every day the dedication and love these girls have for dogs in need. Through Diamonds, I not only found 2 wonderful pups, I found some really great friends as well. If you are looking to adopt a dog, you won’t find a better group of girls anywhere than Diamonds in the Ruff.

Kim B.

What an amazing experience it was adopting from Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue.I wanted to rescue a puppy for a long time and when we found this organization we were so excited! Erica and her team were not only professional but so helpful and friendly during the whole process. I had the chance to speak with Erica on the phone before I picked up my puppy and she just kept reminding me that we were not just adopters but part of the diamond family and that they would be there for us with any questions or training if needed! We have the most amazing puppy, Kona! I honestly couldn't imagine my life without her now! I cannot thank Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue enough for this great experience!

Jessica L.

The staff at Diamonds in the Ruff are some of the most caring people I've ever met. They go above and beyond to provide for each and every one of their dogs. My husband and I adopted our first puppy from them and they were so easy to work with and responsive throughout the entire adoption process. They also provide a great support system after adoption through their adopters Facebook page, which is a completely invaluable resource! We can't imagine living without Oscar. He's our little shadow and follows us everywhere! He's our best friend and companion and brightens everyday. Thanks, Diamonds for choosing us to be his forever home!

Joni G