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Diamonds are furever!

Diamonds Sponsorship Program

The Sponsor a Diamond program is a way for you to help homeless dogs even if you can’t adopt, foster or volunteer. By giving a donation, you will be working with us to help care for our dogs while they wait for their forever homes. We created this program because we are constantly asked the question “How can I help Diamonds in the Ruff Dog Rescue if I can’t adopt, foster or volunteer?” This is the way that you can help us help our dogs!

This program encourages supporters to help homeless dogs by sponsoring the cost of their medical care or start up gear until they find a forever home. When you see one of our dogs that touches your heart but you are unable to provide that dog their foster or forever home, this program gives you a way to help them. Most dogs that we rescue get adopted within the first few months, but there are others that we have that stay with us for months and sometimes years. We cover all of the vet care, including annual check-ups, preventatives, food leashes, collars and daily care for all of our dogs for the duration of time that they reside with us. So every penny helps us take care of all of the dogs in our rescue, no matter how long it takes us to find their forever home.

Once you sponsor a specific dog, you will receive a personalized picture of that dog, so please make a note of which dog you want to sponsor when you donate! We will also make a note of the sponsoring person on each of the dogs below so not more than one family sponsors a dog.

The different programs you can choose from:

1. Annual vet care & preventatives - $350 - (for one long-term dog) includes 12 months Heartguard ($100), 12 months Frontline ($145), vaccines ($40), Heartworm/Lyme test ($50)

2. Donation for a long term dog - $100 - would include to buy a new collar, leash, bed, toys, bones, special treats, blanket and a sweater or shirt to wear!

3. Vet care for a new dog - $250 - includes spay/neuter ($100), microchip ($15), vaccines ($40), Heartworm/lyme test ($50), 3 month supply of Heartguard & Frontline ($70)

4. Start-up kit for a new dog - $100 - a new collar, leash, bed, special treats, toys, bones, food and a sweater or shirt to wear!

5. Any donation is welcome & appreciated! Purchases from our Amazon wish list is also wonderful!  

Amazon Wish List

The Long-term dogs that need an annual sponsor

Daisy Mae - She's been with us since March 2014

Victoria - She was born in our care in February 2015

Brittany - She's been with us since March 2015

Betty - She's been with us since July 2015